Knit Aid - a different approach to teaching knitting skills

small knitting sampleWhen somone states "I want to learn how to knit", they almost always also state "I want to fix my own mistakes".

If the repair shown is beyond what you think you can repair, then you need help in understanding the knitted fabric.

It doesn't matter what method of knitting you use to create a knitted fabric. You can carry the yarn in your right hand or your left hand, work in the front or back of a stitch, call it German or Peruvian knitting, or use a knitting machine. All these different knitting methods produce the exact same knitted fabric. (A pattern will tell you what yarn, needles, gauge you need, but will never state a particular method of knitting.)

Yes, I will teach you to knit and I will use the method that is called American or English knitting. If you prefer a different method, please use that method. No matter what method you use, a knit two together will always lean to the right. The resulting fabric is the same for any method of knitting that you can use. Just be sure to review my method so you are aware of what you need to learn from each lesson. 

Traditional knitting classes place little or no emphasis on how to identify a wrong stitch, why a wrong stitch occurs, how to fix that wrong stitch, or how wrong becomes right by turning that wrong into stitch patterns or techniques. Understanding how the stitches should look, will make understanding how to form the stitch much easier. That knowledge makes fixing a wrong stitch easier.

Learning how the yarn travels, how the stitches relate to each other, and how the stitches relate to the needle, will aid you in understanding the knitted fabric. This knowledge makes repairing the tear in the picture a doable repair.

This tutorial takes a multi pronged approach to aid you in your journey of learning to knit. I will explain how to make mistakes, and then show you what those mistakes look like. Then I will help you in fixing those mistakes. In this process you will have a gained an understanding of how to begin to fix the shown tear.

Want to see how to How to fix a Hole in Knitted Fabric?

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